August Gardening


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Wanted to share some of my progress since my last post in building the garden :)
Its starting to look like theres a plan behind it but so much left to do!


Ive finished some of the boxes and harvested lots of peas and zukes so im almost ready to start building and puttin in the rest of the boxes for next year

Heres some of the vegs in the boxes:



And the start of the shady seating area beneath the apple tree:



I have so many paths to lay and am trying a few lasagna beds in preparation for spring planting but im making due with pine cones and grass clippings for mulch/compost with some bone meal and kitchen scraps added in.



They are a work-in-progress lol will be beauty next summer!

Heres a few of this summers new plants. I dont know how those peonies are doing. My hope is as long as the leaves stay green till september/october, i can expect them to come back next year. I transplanted them very hot in the season which you arent supposed to do but it was the only time i could get them from a neighbour friend so i took the risk. Theyve been transplanted for 2-3 weeks in these photos.



Some mallow, a highbush cranberry that i hope to somewhat espalier around the door, bleeding heart, and baby duck petunia in the pot if you can see it!


Some babies in around the garden, looking for permanent homes:







Im using the kitchen window to dry and collect seeds. Phlox, babys breath, birdsfoot, zinnias, some other invasive legumes and alfalfa.


A few more randoms…







Saskatoon harvest and my own recipe!


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We spent a chunk of the afternoon collecting saskatoons and got a good 3 lbs or so.

I was super disappointed to see how few saskatoon recipes are out there in interland. So i looked up a good staple blueberry muffin recipe and tweaked it to create this:


Let me tell you. Omg. Theyre sooo good!
Please, please, if you have saskatoons, try my recipe.


I purposefully made them small but they are also somewhat dense, almost like a scone. I am not sure how to make them fluffier more like a muffin but they are still moist and tasty the way they are!

Please if you give it a shot fire me a comment and let me know what you think! Theyre honestly my new favorite and i hope someone else gives them a try :)


Picket garden fence

Im so excited! I was going to use pallets to build the fence around the garden but i thought i would throw out an ad on the local classifieds first. Lo and behold, someone had just torn down their fence the night before and i got to go pick it up.
I just screwed the boards to the outside of the garden boxes so theyll prob need more structural support but its a good bit of progress for one day and zero dollars!



Figuring out how to deal with my grapevine


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I live in northern bc, canada, where the winters are long and cold. Luckily tho my little piece of heaven is in a canyon near a river, which improves growing conditions for fruiting plants and trees. When we moved into this house last fall this vine was wayyyy overgrown and had few berries:


You can see how it looked late in the summer, then the branches early spring before and after i pruned it.

I was worried that i pruned too much but only a month into growing season it has really flourished! I have been told it is a native manitoba grapevine and that i can look forward to a tasty jelly with the harvest! Excited!


I posted this mostly in hopes that a confused newbie gardener like myself can save some time trying to figure out the plant type, and pruning tolerance. I know it took a long time and some experimenting for me to figure out what it was and how much i could get away with pruning. So there it is! :)

Progress in utopia


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I have this grand vision of how beautiful and serene the yard will look when i finish my thousands of plans for it. Husbeast enthusiasm level is zero since finishing the greenhouse so im doing it mostly all on my own from here on out.

Yes, i got the garden plot all tilled out, mixed and planted and yes, OF COURSE i changed my mind and decided on box planters for the garden once i realized just how insane the weeds get. I have determined i am a gardener, through and through, but a weeder not at all.

Phase two of yard epicness includes the installation of raised beds, effectively killing at least half of the veggies that i have been so diligently caring for since march. I have scrounged up enough pallets to build a picket fence around the garden and plan to have all the wood cutting and screwing done some time next week. Instead of blogging anew with each completed yard project i will just keep adding here so its all in one place. This will be a very long winded post when i am done with it innnnnn sayyy three years!

Our hospital, the one in which i was born and also in which i delivered all my babies, is in the midst of a complete demolition now that our new hospital is up and running. I mustered up some nerve and begged a guy at the site to let me in to salvage some materials for sentiments sake. He said no. So i drove around the block and asked a second guy. He was much friendlier and allowed me TWO truckloads full of glorious, chippy, tarnished and torn, shabby and sweet, sentimental brick. It will lay the path between my garden boxes and hopefully be enough to do a small brick/moss patio-seating area in the yard also. Since its midnight and i havent taken any pictures of the boxes so far i will share some of my inspiration bits off pinterest.




In trying to achieve a ‘cottage garden’, my plan is to paint the picket fence white, and plant candytuft edging around the outside of the fence. Inside the garden, after laying my brick path, i will transplant some creeping charlie or maybe sprinkle some creeping thyme seeds along the edges of the boxes so that it will eliminate the need to weed any of the ground area (haaaaalelujah). Ive propagated a random rose bush i found beneath a maple in the front yard and am trying to get some of my mystery vines established in pots so that by the time i have my boxes and fence all set up i can place them in empty areas and start the process of random planting all around the outside of the veg garden. I want a jungle of flowers and evergreens im mah face.

My husband thinks ive lost it.

Does this mean im a real gardener now?

In case you dont follow my blog, heres the greenhouse we finished last month:


And some of the stuff ive been making and doing i stead of cooking and cleaning:





A random asparagus popped up in the garden! Turns out it had a pretty extensive root system so i am trying to transplant it!


And some of the flowers blooming around the yard:










I dont have a clue what that last thing is. It looks like a cross between a malva and a hollyhock but only time will tell. No buds yet.

Until next time! :) xx


Just wanted to show you what we have coming along. Theres so much left to do and i SO cant wait to see it all overgrown with veggies and flowers and beautifulness!
First picture shows most of the boxes and fence weve finished. Theres also a long box with fencing that stretches from the (soon-to-be) gate to the yard fence


And i got a little bit of a start on the brick pathway between the boxes! Jumping the gun but whatever.




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This project has been a long time comin’!
I started collecting old windows two years ago. There was a local glass/window company in town that gave me randoms, and i just started collecting singles from garage sales, salvage yards and abandoned houses until i finally had enough this spring.


Then i started imagining different ways i could use the windows with enough for each of all four walls.


Once i made up my mind, i started cutting and fitting 2x4s between each window.


I decided to use a large window as the door in place of the patio door you see in the pictures, because the height of the original plan was wayyyy to high!

Your front and back walls have to have matching dimensions and so do your two side walls. They all have to match up exactly the same height. My back wall was going to have fewer windows of different sizes so i had a bit of a challenge getting the windows framed while keeping the same dimensions. But, with very little carpentry know-how, i managed to do the back wall myself in a single afternoon. It wasnt too hard!

Here is a photo of the yard, about two weeks into the project:


Next, rota-till a square of the yard and then filled it in with gravel. The gravel makes it easy to get a level skid, as you can shimmy your crossboards back and forth until it all levels out. We used plywood for the floor because it was all we had.



Next we started uprighting the walls. Once they were all in place we capped the tops by screwing a second 2×4 onto the tops to hold the walls square.





After the bones were all put together, we had to go out and buy roofing. This was the biggest cost of the project. At $30/panel, we needed eleven panels to do the roof. I wanted the greenhouse to be all white, so before we attached the roof i painted the beams.

Adding the plywood walls was a bitch! because once you add that thickness to one area, you have to get every other area to keep the walls flush. My original plan was to use salvaged barnwood as siding but the wood we scrounged was too weathered and fragile. Heres some of the walls getting put up:



When we were adding the plywood, we were over-hanging the window frames by about 3/4″ so that when we put the windows in from the inside, we could push them up against the plywood to hold them in place. Then, on the inside, we ripped strips of 2×4 to use around the windows on the inside.

Heres what it looked like as we were adding windows:



Hey, a rainbow! Two!


After all the windows (and door) were in place, i painted everything white!


I just started adding some hangers and boxes and we planted a few berry and rose bushes around it. We still have to build garden boxes for the inside (one will run the length of each side of the greenhouse, beneath the side windows) but for this year, since its already well into june, we are just growing in pots:



Itll look glorious when the yard is all cleaned up and i have finished my path and planting!






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